Artificial Intelligence: Why Auto Companies Are Redesigning Cars And Suppliers

To have not heard of Chat GPT, Google’s Bard, etc., you must be living under a technological rock. Each such powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent has splashed the news with varying degrees of reception or scorn, e.g., Forbes recently published two articles within five hours of each other entitled “Why AI Must Thrive: Our World […]

Ukrainian “Work From Anywhere” Saga For An Auto Software Company

Just like in other industries, the automotive employers’ cliché that emerged from the pandemic was “you can work anywhere” with arguably the best variant being Mary Barra’s version that GM employees shall “work appropriately.” The practical translation of this for the average, white-collar worker has been fewer commuting hours, fewer showers per week and greater […]

The Cooperation Of Competitors: Polestar Pilots The Complex Waters Of Automotive Assistance

In the 1991 film Sleeping with the Enemy, the protagonist, Laura (played by Julia Roberts), indelibly burns into the anxious viewer’s brain that the title’s cliché is an undesirable, dangerous path. She lives in constant fear of her controlling, abusive spouse, searches for chances to escape and eventually fakes her own death to elude her […]

Wirelessly Updating Software Creates Dangerous Mindset In Auto Industry

The tale is as old as time. The hubris of the haughty hare loses to the steadfast rigor of the ridiculously-slow, almost laughable tortoise. If endowed with incredible speed, no need to focus on the goal since overcoming any shortcomings will be easy. Yes, “The Tortoise And The Hare” is a fairy tale, but history […]

New Study Shows The RV May Need A Slightly Revamped Name

The stereotypical imagery of Recreational Vehicles (RVs) has mostly been based upon the historical demographics of owners: retired “empty-nesters” seeking lower-cost adventure on the open road with a portable quasi-hotel-on-wheels. These Boomers would seek out national parks for a month or two, and then meander back to their permanent residence when the vacation budget neared […]

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