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5 Signs Your Company Needs a Software Transformation

Software started as a small discipline in the 1960s, and limited applications kept it fairly isolated from most other industries. There were large computers, then personal computers. But then we blinked our eyes and software was everywhere. It’s now engrained in virtually every company. As consumers, we benefit from hundreds—if not thousands—of software programs each year, […]

3 Issues For Electrification That Few Auto Companies Are Discussing

Regardless of the strong opinions about whether the automotive market will convert entirely to electric vehicles or hybrids, there seems to be some unanimity about the existence of obstacles to that future state. The typical banter takes several forms: insufficient readily-available materials to supply the global fleet, inadequate recharging infrastructure (e.g., refueling stations, the grid itself), […]

Project Mismanagement: What To Do With The Brute Force Auto Executives

Regular readers – maybe those who have clicked the “Follow” button (hint, hint) — know the basic structure of my articles: a leading statement, followed by supporting data and links, which is frequently summed-up by an “Author’s Note” at the bottom. This latter part might contain some editorial content punctuated with a playful quip, but […]

The Cooperation Of Competitors: Polestar Pilots The Complex Waters Of Automotive Assistance

In the 1991 film Sleeping with the Enemy, the protagonist, Laura (played by Julia Roberts), indelibly burns into the anxious viewer’s brain that the title’s cliché is an undesirable, dangerous path. She lives in constant fear of her controlling, abusive spouse, searches for chances to escape and eventually fakes her own death to elude her […]

3 Things Industrial Companies Need to Know about Hiring and Retaining Software Development Engineers

At industrial companies today, software now defines and enables the customer experience. The automotive industry is seeing a major transformation in this regard, where software development is quickly becoming both the new core competency as well as the market differentiator. From sensors and controls that make a car perform better to remote access to navigation, […]

Envorso adds Lincoln’s former Product Director Scott Tobin as Chief Executive Officer

Envorso adds Lincoln’s former Product Director Scott Tobin as Chief Executive Officer Seattle WA., January 1st, 2019 – Envorso, a leading Advisory and Solutions Agency and a provider of Digital Transformation Services to elite organizations, announced the appointment of Scott Tobin as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. Envorso continues to go from strength to strength […]

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