Global OEM Mobility and Connectivity


OEM paradigms, systems, processes and controls for physical part management not fit for purpose for the management of the proliferation of mobility and connectivity licenses and data fees (“virtual parts”) in current and forward model programs


The Envorso Approach: Strategy:

  • End to end current state quickly mapped including all inputs – people, process, tools, technology, contracting and controls
  • Four pillar strategy developed for immediate, mid-term and permanent corrective actions, informed with high-tech insights on the current state of best practice in mobility and connectivity security, subscription, contracting and virtual part management



  • Clear, transformative and actionable corporate strategy is now being executed with internal resources embedded with new competitive insights and new capability
  • Innovative 4th pillar of strategy turned a cost center for virtual parts into a new business model driving revenue opportunities and ~$50-$90 million in yearly cost reduction