Tier One Global Driver Assistance Technology Program Recovery


Globally-distributed development, scores of suppliers, requirements churn, an unmovable deadline and no single source of truth – how do you put a safety and corporate reputation-critical program back on track?

The Envorso Approach: Program and Portfolio Leadership

  • End to end current state assessed in <3 weeks with an expert product management team led by the Envorso Advisory Board
  • Enterprise alignment driven on development metrics, dashboards, roles and responsibilities and governance
  • Drive implementation of a product-led paradigm, make the cost of endless change clear, and align client and sub-teams on scope and priorities to kill requirements churn


  • Thrice delayed engineering release of the Driver Assistance Technology product released with quality to the client
  • Transition from commodity to product-led paradigms driving integrated development of features and functions and a clear enterprise view of priorities and status