Envorso Builds Knowledge Base Solution for Global OEM Supplier  

A global supplier that makes components, systems and services for the automotive industry needed a better solution for their enterprise knowledge base. Envorso built a proof-of-concept knowledge base that was easily searchable and built using client data.  

The Problem:  

A supplier of engineered components and systems to the global automotive industry had an enterprise knowledge base that was a combination of hard copy and electronic records. There was no consistent requirement or process for data storage. Subject matter experts did not archive information regularly. Data was limited and not useful as it was not available in real-time.  

The Solution:  

Envorso’s experts developed a proof-of-concept knowledge tool built with client data. It had easily searchable data and flow and logic sorting capabilities. There was a more formal process and information flow for the management of data. The program was also scalable for data for processing future enhancements.  


  • Developed a knowledge base model that utilized client data and had intelligent and customizable search capability.  
  • Simplified Corporate Product System Code-based mining by matching CPSCs to key hardware.  
  • Review of AI tools for a solution that makes real engineering conclusions.  
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