Envorso reduces the time global OEM needs to deliver software into vehicles  

The software development team at a global automotive company was struggling to quickly deploy quality software to vehicles. Envorso’s software development and delivery team investigated process and tooling to identify gaps in the current CI/CD pipeline. The solution was the implementation of automation that resulted in quicker package deployment to vehicles by reducing manual, duplicative efforts, and instituting an industry-standard software release process. These efforts enabled the team to deliver higher quality software, faster, therefore driving a better-performing program overall.  

The Problem 

The deployment procedure for over the air (OTA) software packages has a disjoined process that was inconsistent, redundant, almost entirely manual, and had no visibility into where the bottlenecks were. This resulted in constant firefighting, large delays, low quality software which yieleded a low percentage of packages actually being deployed to the vehicle.   

The Solution  

Envorso’s software development and delivery team first sought to understand the automotive company’s current software release and deployment process. Envorso proposed a solution that consolidated the deployment process into one pipeline that was automated via homegrown solution called the software packaging and orchestration environment (SPO). The SPO collects data and creates a file that can be sent directly into the deployment system versus teams having to manually submit and re-enter the same data multiple times. The result was time saved, removal of redundant, manual data entry, and automation of data transfer after commit, and visibility into status work completed and submitted into the pipeline.

The Results  

  • Optimized software releases up to 80% in under a month. 
  • Automation and streamlining of manual process resulting in 97.9% time reduction.
  • Reduced costs by introducing automation to improve the quality of software  
  • Fewer redeployments due to mis-entered data
  • Increased internal customer satisfaction based on surveys.

Envorso has a team of software development and delivery experts who are ready to help you improve your overall product software. Reach out for more information.  

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