Envorso reduces the time global OEM needs to deliver software into vehicles  

The software development teams at a global automotive company were struggling to quickly release quality software for its connected vehicles. Envorso’s software development and delivery team introduced an industry-standard software release process. These efforts delivered improved timing and cost needed to deliver software driving a better-performing program overall.  

The Problem 

Teams were taking more than five months to release software that produced unreliable results. The software had bugs, errors, processing issues, and was breaking (“bricking”) vehicles. The team also struggled with version control and identifying what specific problems were software-related.  

The Solution  

Envorso’s team first sought to understand the automotive company’s current software release process – current state. Then, we re-engineered the software process in three iterations. First, we introduced automation between different systems. Then, we implemented a software packaging and orchestration environment (SPO). Lastly, we improved robustness and streamlined the software testing process. People, processes, and tools were all addressed to break down barriers and significantly improve efficiency in software development and releasing. 

The Results  

  • Optimized software releases up to 80% in under a month. 
  • Streamlined approvals and improved tooling in the SPO. 
  • Reduced costs by introducing automation to improve the quality of software  
  • Optimized all stages of launching a software product or feature. 
  • Fewer recalls and increased customer satisfaction. 

Envorso has a team of software development and delivery experts who are ready to help you improve your overall product software. Reach out for more information.  

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