Envorso deep-dives cost analysis for electrical architecture, software platform, and DAT systems for major OEM 

Major automotive companies are moving to modern software architectures by leveraging central computing systems for their vehicle platforms.  This will incorporate key content enhancements such as driver assist technology, AV readiness, vehicle electrification, and over-the-air feature update capability. Strategies for outsourcing, system design, and software development needed to be optimized for cost and resource efficiency.  Envorso leveraged detailed benchmarking and triangulation strategies to identify competitive solutions. 

The Problem  

An objective external party was needed to identify an appropriate target cost range for the client’s next-generation architecture and feature content. 

The Solution  

Envorso’s strategy and benchmarking experts leveraged multiple methodologies in order to establish a high confidence range for system costs, engineering resource requirements, and sourcing recommendations: 

  • The client team’s previous estimates and labor hours models received scrutiny for the validity of the methods used. 
  • A “top-down” comparative estimate was developed based on the client’s development costs for previous architecture levels. Re-use, additional complexities, sourcing, and efficiency opportunities were also accounted for.  
  • Other external automotive comparators (including EV start-ups) were benchmarked for quantitative data points and systems and then consolidated to build an additional reference system.  
  • Partially comparable tech industry projects were also assessed in detail by small and medium enterprises for their timing and resource requirements and were then scaled to the client project.  

The Results   

The client’s program received approval at Envorso’s suggested cost, resource, and timing target range. It was then able to proceed. Our team was asked to remain engaged in the program in order to identify risks and opportunities on an ongoing basis, and to advise program leadership of applicable best practices drawn from the tech industry. 

Reach out for more information on how Envorso’s proven experts can optimize your transition to modern software architecture.  

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