Envorso develops an app that improves the EV charging experience

As more drivers switch to electric vehicles, the demand for better charging station mapping and connectivity will grow. Currently, owners of an electric vehicle can get stuck if they can’t find an operating charging station that works with their car.  Envorso collaborated with industry experts, customers, and talented students in academia to develop an EV charging app that improves the user experience for drivers and helps alert technicians to outages.

The Problem 

Drivers of electric vehicles are often confused when looking for a charging station. This is due to incomplete maps. This problem is compounded further by the fact that most EV charging stations don’t have a way to communicate to technicians that they’re broken and need repair.  This can lead to instances where the closest charging station that works for a car is in fact no longer operating, which leads to the car running out of battery and needing to be towed. 

The Solution 

In collaboration with SMEs and computer science students, Envorso’s mobility and connectivity team developed an electric vehicle charging app. The team referenced multiple databases to create a map of EV charging stations. They also used car models and GPS locations to cross-reference the database and create trip routes for EV drivers.  

The Results  

This application was used as a proof-of-concept for a larger project, which will include a charging station health check system and better outage reporting for an EV car company.  The app provides not only charging station location but the type of interface, time to charge, cost, and much more.  Another happy outcome is that Envorso has onboarded the talented students who assisted with the project.

If you are looking to improve the customer experience of your mobility services, reach out and learn more about what we can do for you.  

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