Envorso leader delivers comprehensive launch quality plan for an EV manufacturer 

An EV manufacturer was preparing to launch a new vehicle and needed a project leader, who could establish and implement a Quality Operating System. Envorso put an experienced professional in place, who was able to develop and deliver a comprehensive launch plan.  

The Problem:  

A manufacturer needed to plan for its new electric vehicle launch. There were no clear vehicle and manufacturing targets or objectives defined for the “start of production.”  The team lacked a progressive plan to take the vehicle from an early prototype phase into production. 

“While our team was full of enthusiasm, most had never fully experienced the comprehensive process of launching a new vehicle in a new facility.  Envorso was able to provide the key talent (three-time JD Power IQS Recipient) to pull the plan together.” 

The Solution:  

Envorso provided an experienced program leader that had previously delivered three JD Power IQ Awards for a competitive OEM. The work began by defining clear targets and objectives for the “start of production.” Then, they worked back through the various build phases and established reasonable targets and objectives for each milestone event.  

We developed and delivered a comprehensive Launch Quality Plan from verification prototype to start of production. The plan included specific Milestone Events, T&DM Cadence, and the method to collate and prioritize the Jira issues identified in the process. The system created measured the harmony between the design and manufacturing process.  A score card system was developed to measure program health. Envorso also designed and staffed an organization to work on the new vehicle launch.    

The Results:  

  • Comprehensive Launch Quality Plan  
  • Staffed vehicle program organization  
  • Scorecard system to measure program health 

Envorso’s experts have launched over 150 vehicle programs and 75 commercial software products worldwide, reach out to learn how we can help your company.  

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