Envorso leader optimizes EV manufacturer’s use of Jira  

An electric vehicle manufacturer was not getting the best value from its use of Jira. Envorso provided a product leader who was experienced in optimizing the implementation of Jira across the software product factory. 

The Problem:  

An electric vehicle manufacturer had little control over the implementation of Jira in their business. The application was used inconsistently across the business, and no templates or reports were available. Teams were not leveraging data from tools thereby severely limiting their business value. 

The Solution:  

Envorso provided a professional architect and supporting team who are experienced in architecting and implementing Jira efficiently.  Consistent standards and templates were developed. Dashboards and reports were also created to meet business needs.  The team also built plans and roadmaps that covered the entire software development lifecycle, as well as tracked and managed issues during development and after deployment.  

“Envorso quickly supported us when we needed it the most with qualified resources and advisory support.”

The Results:  

  • Governance and control of application significantly improved. 
  • Developed and prioritized functional specifications.
  • Streamlined dashboards and reports.
  • Implemented remediation for current issues and an ongoing improvement plan. 
  • Created visualization of team workflow and set up work-in-progress limits to maximize efficiency. 
  • Established templates to help agile teams manage their processes.

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