Envorso saves a global automotive company millions with digital parts system  

A global automotive company’s physical part management was unsuitable for handling digital parts. Envorso quickly established a permanent solution that saved the company $4 million and returned more than $20 million of supplier overpayments to the company in the first 18 months of operation.  

The Problem:  

The company’s current technology was built for physical part management and its use was leading to the loss of auditable control in purchasing, finance, and engineering. The OEM needed Envorso to develop and deliver both a system and process to support digital content in its physical manufacturing environment.  

“Envorso acted quickly to resolve our internal conflicts and accelerate a solution.  They brought an enterprise mindset and the creativity to transform digital part management from an expense and headache to a potential source of revenues”  

Global product software chief

The Solution:  

Envorso’s mobility and connectivity experts quickly established short and long-term enterprise visions, which included a permanent solution for enabling new revenues and customer subscriptions that utilized technology best practices. We developed requirements, user stories, and solutions with cross-functional product teams that included IT, Finance, Purchasing, and Engineering. 

The Results:  

  • Implemented a new platform and supporting business processes to effectively manage digital content. 
  • Drove positive, enterprise-wide cultural shifts resulting in the successful management of digital content and cost reductions.
  • Saved $2M in the first year.
  • Saved $4M to date.
  • Returned >$20M supplier overpayments in the first 18 months.
  • Established controls.
  • Enabled revenue growth.

Envorso can efficiently build technology for your manufacturing environment. Reach out for more information.  

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