Lean implementation & Value Stream Mapping

“Lean” is sometimes used as a buzz word. However, this long proven approach to identifying waste, reducing process times, and implementing improvements is very effective.

What We Do

Lean Implementation

Lean concepts are just the starting point but we can work with you to implement the process and cadence down to the day to day working level.  Whether it be an Obeya room, operational execution, or ingraining it into the culture we can be your partners in taking this proven efficiency to the working teams.  We will bring your team members and business model practical knowledge to leverage lean.

Value Stream Mapping

To get to the desired future state, we will need to fully understand your current state and the cutting-edge technology in that discipline. The Information flow, the material flow, and the key value-add elements for any product or service need to be mapped right to the end customer. This applies not only to traditional Manufacturing but to Finance, Professional Services, Total Enterprise, Order to Cash, Software and the like. The Envorso team will work with you to use VSM to identify waste, reduce process cycle times, and implement process improvement.

Its all about the customer

Coupling lean know how with experiential design (Customer Experience, CX) puts the customer first. Critical thinking in this space can open new more efficient ways to delight customers. Mapping the customer journey, like the value stream, enables a deeper understanding and more opportunity for customer fulfillment. That in turn helps you understand the customer’s holistic perception of their experience with your business or brand. Experiential Design helps you manage of every interaction a customer has with your business, from navigating the website to talking to customer service and interacting with the product or service they bought from you.

Application in your business

Lean and Value Stream mapping concepts can apply to virtually any product or service.  Conventional thinking has been to apply these approaches to manufacturing and then products.  Combining with Experiential Design can deliver valuable service differentiation for your costumers. 

Envorso provides offerings in the Manufacturing, Automotive, Financial Service and Cyber security industries that build on the above concepts.

Critical Success Factor

There’s no substitute for experience: Product Development, Product Management, Accelerating Time-to-Market, Process Engineering, Business Transformation, Technology-Led Transformation – whatever your aspiration, we’ll keep your team focused on the key factors critical for your success