Automotive & Manufacturing Leadership

Envorso has been partnering with, and delivering for, major OEMs, start-ups, and suppliers for years.  Our team has many decades of experience and extensive successful deliveries in the automotive space.  See the client stories tab for just a few of the many examples.  At Envorso we hit the ground running and add value for customers.  Whether it be running a vehicle or powertrain program, bringing on new technology, or the fast changing EV and Autonomous space, we are passionate and capable to deliver.

Envorso Senior Advisors also have deep software and IT experience.  We specialize in bringing west coast cutting edge technology to traditional manufacturing Businesses. Today’s rapid pace of technological change presents unique challenges – and opportunities.  Envorso Strategy helps our clients shape the future, combining deep business insight with the understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models. We’ll help you shape your approach to digital disruption, competitive positioning, operating and business models

What We Do

Lean Principles

We bring lean principles to everything we do from cost and complexity reduction to value stream mapping and beyond.  We run programs efficiently and eliminate waste throughout the value chain.  With pressing priorities and time constraints, you should expect to feel reassured that the team you engage to help you really understand your business and bring solutions to solve your problems.

Bringing a Depth and Relevant Experience

Our Automotive Team has deep experience and expertise. Our team members have held senior roles across all functions within the industry.  Couple this with our strength in IT, software, and technology and it makes for an excellent combination to deliver client solutions effectively

Quality Operating Systems

We apply efficient Process, Methods, and Tools to every engagement.  We have lean but disciplined process rigor and will run your cadence for you or help you run it.  We have quality expertise across functions including Six Sigma and data analytics disciplines to ensure PD, Plant, and Suppliers are collaborating for quality deliverables.

Pragmatic Implementation and Results

We are not the expensive guys that interview you and then tell you what you already know.  We roll our sleeves, dig in, and deliver.  We will keep you informed along the way and leave you with results and a sustainable process.   We have the experience and learning of a 100+ year old OEM but the nimble techniques of a start-up.

Making sense

We understand what it takes to succeed in the delivery of complex IT programs – both in a traditional and agile world; we understand how to help you transform your organization – purposefully; and we understand how to help you deploy physical infrastructure as intended so that its legacy is there for generations to come. We help you use tools and technology in the right way so that you capture and distribute accurate information more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Our solutions that are Resonating

Here are some specific solutions we offer that are currently resonating with our clients are:

  • Program leadership, management, and launch
  • Product Strategy; Product Lifecyle Management
  • Lean Implementation and Value Stream Mapping
  • Cost/Complexity waste elimination
  • Data Analytics
  • Connectivity and OTA
  • Software and Software Licensing Management
  • Quality Operating Systems

We also provide broader portfolio management, business transformation and IT project/change management services for a wide variety of clients.

If any of the above solutions or services are resonating with you, we would be pleased to have a conversation:

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