Legal Repapering Solutions

With turbulent waves of constant change, whether from regulation, Brexit, Covid-19, interest rates or other external factors, or from the business operating environment, banks and buy-side firms have a huge challenge in maintaining counterparty contracts at the pace needed to reflect the firms desired response to the change, manage risk and keep regulatory compliant. 

A Significant Challenge

From volume to lack of standardization, from complex regulation to significant external economic factors, and from urgency and pace; it is a huge overhead & challenge.

Not to Repaper is not an Option

The impact of not mitigating legal and commercial risk in 3rd party contracts can be catastrophic and could be existential for the firm. Regulators look such controls and non-compliance with regulation results in fines and bad publicity that erodes customer trust.

Our Expert Design & Execution

We have brought together industry experts in FS Legal/Repapering, Banking Operations, Technology, Risk, Resilience and Regulations to design and build a set of tools that help you accelerate your 3rd Party Contract Maintenance Program and advance regulatory audit preparedness.

Our Solution

Utilizing wider industry insights, counterparty contract risk and regulatory compliance expertise, we bring you a solution to help you achieve your 3rd party contract goals in a repeatable, efficient and compliant way.

Outcome Driven Operations

What if you bought services based on the outcomes they deliver, rather than for the underlying machinery that makes them work? For starters, you would be able to focus more on what matters: results. That’s where “as-a-service” capabilities shine. It’s also where our analytics capabilities can make a big difference

Does this resonate?

Are you struggling with the volume and pace of your counterparty contract repapering task?

Do you need a better structure, including more automation and ‘repeatable’

Are you struggling to interpret complex regulations from a counterparty contract perspective, and can you demonstrate you are compliant to your regulator?

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