Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions (Cyber Security)

With Cyber crime rising exponentially staying ahead of the curve is a huge challenge for Financial Services Firms. Stringent regulation around cyber security and resilience mandates onerous requirements. Having the right processes in place is not just a regulatory requirement, it is a critical business issue.

This creates challenges for Fin techs also who are having to meet the rigorous (supply chain) compliance regimes of their customers (e.g. banks) and evidence this, while staying agile and flexible.

Get on Front Foot

Non-compliance with regulation results in fines and bad publicity that erodes customer trust. A data breach has a catastrophic impact on customer trust. Robust oversight of your managed security service Providers (MSSPs) is both an operational and regulatory imperative.

Navigating the Complexity

The regulation is complex so getting the balance right, between the desire for “proportionate" agile processes and the need to meet (and to be seen to meet) regulations is difficult.

Our solutions are geared to help you address your challenges proportionately, cost-effectively, quickly and in a compliant manner.

Our Expert Design & Execution

We have brought together industry experts in Infosec, Banking Operations, Open Banking, Resilience and Regulations to design and build a set of tools that help you accelerate your Infosec Program maturity and advance your regulatory audit preparedness.

Our Solution

We have specific solution offerings for both regulated financial institutions and Fin-techs. Where we assess and see a need we bring accelerator solutions to enhance your IS program maturity and enable you to quickly operate in a more compliant way.

Outcome Driven Operations

What if you bought services based on the outcomes they deliver, rather than for the underlying machinery that makes them work? For starters, you would be able to focus more on what matters: results. That’s where “as-a-service” capabilities shine. It’s also where our analytics capabilities can make a big difference

Does this resonate?

Are you confident your firm is secure from a cyberattack?

Is your MSSP providing the service you need and is their service as integrated and compliant as you would like?

Do you find it challenging to stand up a robust compliant internal IS program with a requisite set policies, procedures and processes and good governance?

Are you confident your IS program is regulatory compliant?

As a Fin-tech, are you confident you are meeting your customer’s regulatory requirements?

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