Engineering Excellence Applied To Project Management and ASPICE


A company was challenged by its inability to create realistic project plans and fulfill commitments on schedule. This led to repeated failures in meeting the Automotive SPICE standards and incurred fines due to poor quality and project management. A significant majority of defects were identified during the costly system qualification phase, undermining customer trust and resulting in lost future projects.

Software engineers working together

  • Diagnosed fundamental shortcomings in areas such as project management and systems engineering.
  • Developed and implemented a customized Agile Development approach, tailored to align with the team's specific tools and roles.
  • Integrated Automotive SPICE requirements seamlessly into the team's workflow.
  • Conducted comprehensive training sessions on the tailored Agile methodology for the team.
  • Provided several months of coaching to ensure that the pilot project significantly enhanced reliability.

Side view of confident mature boss giving instructions to subordinates



improvement in On-Time To Commitment

$400 000

Saved in Per Annum on Eliminated fines


overall reduction in defects


reduction of defects found during final, expensive testing

$1.2 Billion

US contract secured for another innovative system. Restored OEM trust

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