Customer Experience (CX) Workstream


An automotive client wanted to integrate customer feedback and needs consistently into their software development workflows. 

Software Developer Coding

  • Assembled an Envorso team of UX Design, Product Management, and Software Engineering experts.
  • Diagnosed the systemic issues through interviews, observation, and analysis of tooling/documentation.
  • Delivered recommendations to instill a culture of customer obsession, integrate CX throughout the development process, and enhance CX capabilities.
  • Identified key change agents within the client’s team.

People working on a kanban board



Stronger alignment of the software org to their end customers. 


Enhanced collaboration with product management and design. 


Significant improvements in mobile app software quality and performance. 


Identified and recommended promotion of a software development manager to act as an interim leader, transforming the mobile organization into a positive example for the entire company. 

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