Designing The Better Software Organization


To meet customer expectations for innovative vehicle software experiences, a traditional OEM and its tier one suppliers needed to overcome the competitive edge of new market entrants, avoid delayed launches and costly recalls, and deliver high-quality software.

Ai Car

  • Conducted a comprehensive diagnostic with 45 interviews and AI-driven quantitative analysis.
  • Created a software strategy covering embedded, telemetry, cloud, and mobile software.
  • Led an OEM transformation office to implement the strategy and diagnostic findings.
  • Improved talent development, established an automated toolchain, fostered joint development with key suppliers, and optimized the software engineering team.

Software ENgineers



code coverage achieved, ensuring high-quality software.


cost reduction as a resylt of streamlining operations


Quadrupled development speed through automation, staff recruitment, and upskilling.


Modernized OTA updates, reducing client’s warranty expenses.


Increased telemetry speeds tenfold.


Reduced onboarding time from 3 months to just 2 days through Software Factory tooling.

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