EV Motorcycle Startup Shows How Culture Drives Marketplace

The history books of the automotive industry contain whole chapters of cultural gaffes. The myth in these legends, though, is that such egregious errors always cost corporations billions when, in fact, many have not. For instance, the Chevy Nova didn’t cost GM sales in Spanish-speaking countries despite “no va” translating from Spanish as “no go.” […]

3 Issues For Electrification That Few Auto Companies Are Discussing

Regardless of the strong opinions about whether the automotive market will convert entirely to electric vehicles or hybrids, there seems to be some unanimity about the existence of obstacles to that future state. The typical banter takes several forms: insufficient readily-available materials to supply the global fleet, inadequate recharging infrastructure (e.g., refueling stations, the grid itself), […]

Project Mismanagement: What To Do With The Brute Force Auto Executives

Regular readers – maybe those who have clicked the “Follow” button (hint, hint) — know the basic structure of my articles: a leading statement, followed by supporting data and links, which is frequently summed-up by an “Author’s Note” at the bottom. This latter part might contain some editorial content punctuated with a playful quip, but […]

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