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5 Signs Your Company Needs a Software Transformation

Software started as a small discipline in the 1960s, and limited applications kept it fairly isolated from most other industries. There were large computers, then personal computers. But then we blinked our eyes and software was everywhere. It’s now engrained in virtually every company. As consumers, we benefit from hundreds—if not thousands—of software programs each year, […]

Car manufacturing

Mercedes, Porsche Talk Of Car-As-A-Device And Becoming Software Factories

Neil Postman, the American author, critic and educator, died exactly twenty years ago from the writing of this article. “Technological change is not additive,” he scowled. “It is ecological. A new technology does not merely add something; it changes everything.” A few years after his death, iPhones hit the market and transformed everything from mobile […]


The Connected Vehicle Now Includes The Connected Lawyer

We’ve all been there. Anywhere between a fender bender, a routine stop and a major incident where we don’t understand the applicable laws, driver protections and desirable actions towards an amenable solution. We fumble through tense or anxious interactions with the law enforcement, and we forget to solicit the desired information from unknown witnesses and […]


The Sixth Age Of Automotive Development Efficiency: “Added Intelligence”

For the better part of the last 75 years of the automotive industry, efficiency has been one of the major battlegrounds in the quest for better margins. Keeping costs down during development whilst avoiding downstream quality costs has been the ongoing focus with major shifts in industry-wide cultures. Yes, there certainly have been moments of […]


New Study Questions How Long Until “Failsafe” Is Spelled Using AI

Adults make an estimated 35,000 decisions in any given day. Additionally, they change their minds twice on average for every one of those instantaneous decisions. So on average, a highway driver makes and remakes eighteen decisions for every eight football fields they traverse when driving 55 mph (or 89 kph). How many [s]he makes correctly depends upon […]


Avatar For Your Car: Renault To Experiment With In-Vehicle Interfaces

Imagine a face or personality informing the driver of an impending pedestrian crossing or a newly identified route. The avatar might be cartoonish like a talking logo or eventually more humanlike depending either on the preference of the user or the brand. These are the types of interfaces the market may see more of in […]

The Three Legends (Or Lies) Of Electric Vehicles

In the star-studded 1962 blockbuster “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” a minor character ironically finishes the film with the most iconic-yet-frequently-misquoted line, “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” This character’s frustrated muttering was a commentary on the state of yellow journalism and politics in the Wild West of the nineteenth century, but it’s equally […]

Auto Executive: “AI Will Be Used For More Than Just The Products”

With the wide readership that this forum provides, feedback on articles comes in many forms: explicit compliments, constructive criticisms and a wealth of social media comments (as well as hopefully a few “Likes”). Most follow-up conversations are digital and quick, and they rarely inject residual feelings of missing a critical chuck of the full story.But […]

Auto Recalls Way Down In 2023 And Mercedes Knows Why

In early 2018, AlixPartners released a study that 2017 recalls costs in North America alone exceeded $20B annually. That only went northward thereafter in 2019 and 2020 with 24% and 32% more recalls respectively; some being extremely expensive per vehicle (e.g., Hyundai’s 2021 recall of 82,000 electric vehicles cost a whopping $11,000 per vehicle, which is 22 […]

EV Motorcycle Startup Shows How Culture Drives Marketplace

The history books of the automotive industry contain whole chapters of cultural gaffes. The myth in these legends, though, is that such egregious errors always cost corporations billions when, in fact, many have not. For instance, the Chevy Nova didn’t cost GM sales in Spanish-speaking countries despite “no va” translating from Spanish as “no go.” […]

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