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New Data Tells Dealers They Need Customer Experience Overhaul For EVs

If you have been following the automotive industry or global politics at all, you assuredly have noticed a few, contradictory trends: increased public sector spending on infrastructure (e.g., a 55% increase in worldwide charging stations in 2022 alone, with 360,000 of the 600,000 installed being in China), more automotive executives committing to full electrification and pulling back […]

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New Auto Cyber Study Reveals Threat Intelligence … or Lack Thereof

October is the perfect month to scare you. And unfortunately, the data from Kaspersky’s 2023 “Automotive Threat Intelligence” report where two hundred (200) C-level automotive executives were interviewed will accomplish exactly that. But the scary part is not the conclusive state of automotive designs. Quite the contrary. The scary part is we are nearly a […]

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Mercedes, Porsche Talk Of Car-As-A-Device And Becoming Software Factories

Neil Postman, the American author, critic and educator, died exactly twenty years ago from the writing of this article. “Technological change is not additive,” he scowled. “It is ecological. A new technology does not merely add something; it changes everything.” A few years after his death, iPhones hit the market and transformed everything from mobile […]


The Sixth Age Of Automotive Development Efficiency: “Added Intelligence”

For the better part of the last 75 years of the automotive industry, efficiency has been one of the major battlegrounds in the quest for better margins. Keeping costs down during development whilst avoiding downstream quality costs has been the ongoing focus with major shifts in industry-wide cultures. Yes, there certainly have been moments of […]

Auto Industry Struggling With Creating A Cyber Trust

John W. Peterson’s 1970 hymn’s chorus is “I will trust you when I cannot see, when I’m faced with adversity, and believe your will is always best for me. I will trust when I cannot see.” Good for a church, maybe, but those haven’t been the lyrics to automotive’s kumbaya over nearly the last decade […]


New Study Questions How Long Until “Failsafe” Is Spelled Using AI

Adults make an estimated 35,000 decisions in any given day. Additionally, they change their minds twice on average for every one of those instantaneous decisions. So on average, a highway driver makes and remakes eighteen decisions for every eight football fields they traverse when driving 55 mph (or 89 kph). How many [s]he makes correctly depends upon […]


Avatar For Your Car: Renault To Experiment With In-Vehicle Interfaces

Imagine a face or personality informing the driver of an impending pedestrian crossing or a newly identified route. The avatar might be cartoonish like a talking logo or eventually more humanlike depending either on the preference of the user or the brand. These are the types of interfaces the market may see more of in […]

Three Reasons Why The Best Use For Electrification Has Been The Slowest

Two types of vehicles – the passenger cars and the long-haul trucks – suffer from some of the same trepidation for switching to electric vehicles. For example, the starting point, end point and duration of any trip can vary significantly with the extreme use case being a cross-country sojourn with preferably few stops. In this […]

Auto Executive: “AI Will Be Used For More Than Just The Products”

With the wide readership that this forum provides, feedback on articles comes in many forms: explicit compliments, constructive criticisms and a wealth of social media comments (as well as hopefully a few “Likes”). Most follow-up conversations are digital and quick, and they rarely inject residual feelings of missing a critical chuck of the full story.But […]

3 Issues For Electrification That Few Auto Companies Are Discussing

Regardless of the strong opinions about whether the automotive market will convert entirely to electric vehicles or hybrids, there seems to be some unanimity about the existence of obstacles to that future state. The typical banter takes several forms: insufficient readily-available materials to supply the global fleet, inadequate recharging infrastructure (e.g., refueling stations, the grid itself), […]

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