Strategy and Governance

Why automakers need to adopt an entirely new software development process

Traditional automakers know they are struggling with leaping forward with software integration into new cars and trucks. Companies have recently been more transparent over the past year or so as […]

Software Deve

5 Signs Your Company Needs a Software Transformation

Software started as a small discipline in the 1960s, and limited applications kept it fairly isolated from most other industries. There were large computers, then personal computers. But then we […]

Car manufacturing

Mercedes, Porsche Talk Of Car-As-A-Device And Becoming Software Factories

Neil Postman, the American author, critic and educator, died exactly twenty years ago from the writing of this article. “Technological change is not additive,” he scowled. “It is ecological. A […]

Hand Shake

Automotive Consolidation Driving Alliances In Consulting Services

You heard it here first but, frankly, it was quite predictable: the pandemic and subsequent financial hiccups would create winners and losers, with the losers being acquired at a rapid rate (e.g., […]

Auto Industry Struggling With Creating A Cyber Trust

John W. Peterson’s 1970 hymn’s chorus is “I will trust you when I cannot see, when I’m faced with adversity, and believe your will is always best for me. I […]

declining market

Money And Help For Small Auto Businesses To Shift In Changing Market

Bullseye Power LLC is a small business specializing in turbochargers and racing components located on the outskirts of Muskegon, which is situated due east of Milwaukee but separated by nearly […]

Upcoming Differentiator: Car Companies Who Unlock The “Key” Of KPIs

An anonymous, exasperated executive from a car manufacturer recently squirmed during an off-the-record interview when asked about his company’s intentions to address ongoing quality issues. He referenced the internal desire […]

Project Mismanagement: What To Do With The Brute Force Auto Executives

Regular readers – maybe those who have clicked the “Follow” button (hint, hint) — know the basic structure of my articles: a leading statement, followed by supporting data and links, […]

Technology gets the headlines, but people and process are equally important

Every challenge a CIO takes on involves people, process, and technology. After decades of working in the automotive industry, I can confidently say that if I’d only had to worry […]

Augmented Reality is the New Cell Phone

Augmented reality is a new and exciting technology with one key problem: much like the first cellphone, many people don’t yet understand what it really is and how it can fit into our lives.  Think […]

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