Auto Executive: “AI Will Be Used For More Than Just The Products”

With the wide readership that this forum provides, feedback on articles comes in many forms: explicit compliments, constructive criticisms and a wealth of social media comments (as well as hopefully a few “Likes”). Most follow-up conversations are digital and quick, and they rarely inject residual feelings of missing a critical chuck of the full story.But […]

Auto Recalls Way Down In 2023 And Mercedes Knows Why

In early 2018, AlixPartners released a study that 2017 recalls costs in North America alone exceeded $20B annually. That only went northward thereafter in 2019 and 2020 with 24% and 32% more recalls respectively; some being extremely expensive per vehicle (e.g., Hyundai’s 2021 recall of 82,000 electric vehicles cost a whopping $11,000 per vehicle, which is 22 […]

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