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Unlocking the Power of Small Teams in Software Development

In the world of software development, the adage “less is more” holds true. While legacy vehicle manufacturers have long adhered to the philosophy of “more is more,” believing that expanding […]

Image courtesy of Gregg P. Cramer, Vice President of Economic Development at Greater Akron Chamber. Source: LinkedIn post by Gregg P. Cramer.

Envorso VP of Engineering Excellence Steve Tengler Discusses Software-Defined Vehicles at SAE World Congress

Envorso’s Vice President of Engineering Excellence, Steve Tengler, recently participated in a panel discussion at the SAE World Congress event in Detroit, focusing on the challenges and opportunities surrounding software-defined […]

a software defined vehicle

Envorso CEO Scotto Tobin Discusses the Challenges of Software-Defined Vehicles

Envorso CEO Scotto Tobin joined a panel of experts to discuss the challenges faced by traditional automakers in the transition to software-defined vehicles and offering software services in cars. During […]

Why automakers need to adopt an entirely new software development process

Traditional automakers know they are struggling with leaping forward with software integration into new cars and trucks. Companies have recently been more transparent over the past year or so as […]

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Software-Defined Vehicles: defining the industry’s latest buzzword

The SDV – or Software-Defined Vehicle – is the latest buzzword that has found its way into seemingly every automotive and mobility industry conversation. Despite all the talk around this topic, automakers and drivers alike are still figuring out exactly what these SDVs should look like – and how to make “smartphones on wheels” a reality.

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Envorso adds former Rivian COO Jim Morgan to Strategic Advisory Board

Seattle WA., October 28th, 2020 – Envorso, a leading Advisory and Solutions Agency and a provider of Digital Transformation Services to elite organizations, announced the appointment of Jim Morgan to […]

City of Seattle

Seattle consulting firm, Envorso, to set up professional services centre in NI

Envorso, founded by Adrian Balfour, a County Fermanagh native, is creating a 19-person professional services centre in Northern Ireland as it expands outside the US. The firm is headquartered in […]

Photo of automobile production line. Welding car body. Modern car assembly plant. Auto industry. High-tech factory.

David Buttery, former Ford CIO in EMEA joins Envorso’s Strategic Advisory Board

Seattle WA., October 23rd, 2019 – Envorso, a leading Advisory and Solutions Agency and a provider of Digital Transformation Services to elite organizations, announced the appointment of David Buttery to […]

car asembly

Former Canoo Vehicle Programs Chief Bill Strickland joins Envorso’s Board of Executive Advisors

DETROIT – Envorso, a consulting firm helping companies transform for the emerging mobility society, announced that Bill Strickland will be joining its Board of Executive Advisors effective May 1.   […]

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